Alliances for Climate Action

Together we will build a net zero carbon future.

Alliance for Climate Action Makes A Splash at UN Climate Talks

As COP24 kicks off in Poland, against the backdrop of the seminal reports including the IPCC 1.5 2018 UNEP Emissions Gap Report, and the 2018 Yearbook for Climate Action, strong domestic climate action is on the rise. The 2018 Yearbook showcases The Alliances for Climate Action as one example of this new form of climate leadership, where non-state actors from the United States, Japan, Mexico, and Argentina, are stepping up to help close the emissions gap.

While at the launch event of the 2nd UNFCCC Yearbook of Global Climate Action report at the COP, Manuel-Pulgar Vidal, former Environment Minister of Peru and President of COP20 described the Alliances for Climate Action as an initiative exemplifying how non-state actors can “commit, showcase, guide, and engage” for greater climate action. At same event, Jennifer Austin, Policy Director of the We Mean Business Coalition, described the Alliances for Climate Action as a positive influence on national policy conversations and as a source of confidence for policy makers while at the COP, since these Alliances have the backing of many constituencies (businesses, cities, states, regions, academia, civil society) back home.

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