Current Coalitions


Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina (ACAA)

Launched: November 2018

Representing: More than 13 million citizens and more than 30% of the nation's economy

Alliance for Climate Action Argentina represents cities, investors, small and large businesses, universities, and civil society united in pursuing local efforts with global impact. Coalition members include the capital city of Buenos Aires and more than 190 other municipalities across the country; the province of Santa Fe; leading actors in the banking, private, and academic sectors, including Banco de Galicia, the clothing company Patagonia, the food and nutrition company Danone, and the Universidad del Salvador; and the association of 2,000 producers of agricultural commodities known as CREA.

The main purpose of the alliance is to enable Argentina to both meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and create the conditions for enhancing the country’s ambition. Members of the alliance aim to strengthen climate actions within their own institutions, inspire others to act, and collaborate to reach greater scale and impact.

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Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)

Launched: July 2018

Representing: 30% of Japan's population and greenhouse gas emissions

The Japan Climate Initiative (JCI) is committed to supporting Japanese companies, municipalities, research institutions, and organizations that are dedicated to realizing a carbon-free society by expanding renewable energy and promoting energy efficiency. Launched with the support of WWF-Japan, the Renewable Energy Institute, and CDP Worldwide-Japan, the group includes the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama, small businesses, and major companies such as Sony and Panasonic.

Signatories pledge to "stand at the forefront of global challenges in order to realize the decarbonized society envisioned by the Paris Agreement."" They aim to demonstrate global leadership in enhancing Japan's commitments and believe that accelerating Japan's efforts will yield new opportunities for growth and development.

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Alianza para la Acción Climática de México (ACA-MX)

Launched: August 2018

Representing: More than 10 million people

Based in Mexico's second and third-largest metropolitan areas, Guadalajara and Monterrey, Alliance for Climate Action-Mexico unites local and state governments, academia, businesses, and civil society in advancing the country's climate goals. Members include the University of Guadalajara and the Tecnológico de Monterrey; local governments from the Guadalajara and Monterrey Metropolitan Areas; the government of the state of Jalisco; civil society organizations and companies such as solar company Fortius.

Alliance members aim to demonstrate real commitment to climate action, beginning within their own institutions and companies, and working with all sectors of the economy to both accelerate and deepen Mexico's contribution under the Paris Agreement.

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South Africa

Alliance for Climate Action-South Africa (ACA-SA)

Launched: September 2019

Representing: Local governments, investors, and businesses across South Africa

The South African Alliance is connecting the private sector, cities, provinces, investors, and universities so that they can work with each other and with their national government to collectively achieve a net carbon neutral economy by 2050. Partner organizations supporting the members of the alliance include C40, NBI and WWF-SA.

Members commit to produce plans that show how they each will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, individually and working with others and use their influence to advocate for policy that supports an economy-wide transition to #ZeroCarbon2050. This includes encouraging their national government to increase their climate ambition through strengthened a Nationally Determined Contribution and setting long-term strategies to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

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United States

We Are Still In (WASI)

Launched: June 2017

Representing: Roughly half of the US population—some 155 million Americans across all 50 states—and $9.46 trillion, or almost half the US economy

When President Donald Trump announced on June 1, 2017, that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement, mayors, governors, and business leaders came together to form We Are Still In. What began as a statement signaling support for the Paris Agreement has evolved into a platform for action and collaboration among tribes; faith groups; cultural institutions; colleges and universities; businesses and investors; health care institutions; and state, county, and city governments.

The bipartisan coalition now includes more than 3,800 representatives, from Anchorage, Alaska, to West Palm Beach, Florida, and from Connecticut to Hawaii. Signatories include household names like Amazon, Google, Nike, and Target. Organization leaders include Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, representatives from Microsoft and Walmart, and President Fawn Sharp of the Quinault Indian Nation.

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Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action (VCCA)

Launched: August 2019

Representing: Business, academic, banking and civil society institutions

The Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action (VCCA) is committed to ambitious climate action in Vietnam in order to support the delivery of the goals committed to globally under the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Members commit to taking concrete climate action on both individually and collaboratively in order to make the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C temperature goal a reality, with an initial focus on the energy and industry sectors. They will also use their leadership and influence to engage constructively with the public and with the national government to accelerate the implementation of our national climate targets and leverage domestic opportunities for higher ambition.

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