Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina

Launched: November 2018

Representing: More than 13 million citizens and more than 30% of the nation's economy.

Alliance for Climate Action Argentina unites local and provincial governments, companies, banks, universities, and civil society in pursuing local efforts with global impact. Alliance members include the capital City of Buenos Aires; Santa Fe Province, Banco de Galicia; companies from the food, nutrition, clothing, and personal care sector including Danone and Natura; the Universidad del Salvador; and the association of 2,000 producers of agricultural commodities known as CREA. National partner organizations supporting this alliance include the AVINA Foundation, CREA, FVSA (the WWF presence in Argentina), FNGA and RAMCC.

The main purpose of the alliance is to enable Argentina to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and to strengthen its climate targets.

Founding Declaration

Climate change is a reality. This is why there are significant international efforts and commitmentsto adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to limit the increase in the planet's global temperature and its impacts. However, while the Paris Agreement (2015) is entering its implementation phase, the gap between the global emissions goal consistent with 1.5°C and the aggregate commitments of national governments is still very wide and needs to be reduced.

A large share of the global greenhouse gas emissions results from burning fossil fuels, agriculture and livestock farming, as well as urban and metropolitan centers around the world. In Argentina, the main sources of GHG emissions are energy (electricity generation and fuel use), agriculture, livestock, forestry, and other land uses.

There is an increasing recognition at national and international levels that national government commitments alone cannot close the emissions gap. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in the number of commitments and measures implemented by subnational governments, civil society, businesses, and universities. There is a critical need to involve these actors proactively and collaboratively to generate synergies, expand climate action and support the implementation of "nationally determined contributions" (NDCs) to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

The signing non-State Actors are aware and concerned about this situation. Following the realization of the importance of contributing in a synergistic and articulated manner, the signing non-State Actor together with Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, Avina Foundation, WWF and other global partners see the need to establish the Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina (the Argentinean Alliance for Climate Action).

The main purpose of this Alliance is to work proactively and collaboratively to enable the proper implementation of the commitments undertaken by Argentina under the Paris agreement through its NDC, create the conditions for the inclusion of additional actions and set the foundation to enhance the ambition of Argentina’s NDC and climate actions more broadly.

The signatories aim to: make their climate action commitments visible; foster the implementation of actions with local adaptation and mitigation benefits; and promote collaboration and synergy among companies, universities, sub-national governments and civil society to support the adoption of policies, strategies and climate actions, in so doing inspiring and encouraging more actors to join this local effort with global impact.

Through this Alliance, we, the signatories, plan to strengthen climate actions at all levels, from inside our institutions, companies or areas of development, and moving toward the construction of collective projects of larger scale and impact. We will also identify, collaboratively, conditions that can facilitate actions by sub-national and non-governmental actors, as well as to jointly explore opportunities which enable the support, implementation, and increase of the ambition assumed by Argentina in the Paris agreement.

The Alliance seeks to recognize, catalyze, and multiply the efforts of each Member.

By recognizing, mobilizing, integrating and scaling up local efforts and actions, we, the signatories, will actively contribute towards the Paris Agreement goals (2015) of keeping the global temperature increase below 1.5°C and ensuring the adaptation of our societies, and in so doing begin to close the current gap between the ambition and implementation of global agreements. This new paradigm calls us to work together to achieve a better future!

By signing this Declaration, we affirm our participation in the Argentinean Alliance for Climate Action and our intent to work collaboratively and constructively to strengthen the commitments made to address the climate crisis.

Buenos Aires, November 20, 2018

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Founding Partners

Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina


Fundacion Nueva Generacion Argentina

Fundación Avina

Red Argentina de Municipios frente al Cambio Climático

Member Organizations / Signatories

Agencia de Protección Ambiental de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (APrA)

Asociación Sustentar

Banco de Galicia


CREA-Asociación Argentina de Consorcios Regionales de Experimentación Agrícola

Danone Argentina

Empresas B

FLACSO Argentina

Fundación Avina

Fundación Nueva Generación Argentina (FNGA)

Fundación Vida Silvestre

Municipalidad de Vicente López

Natura Argentina

Periodistas por el planeta (PxP)

Provincia de Santa Fe

Red Argentina de Municipios frente al Cambio Climático (RAMCC)

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

Universidad del Salvador

Quilmes Company